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Q1: How can I send an art image or design?

Answer: Digitizingemb can accept just about everything from a computer generated image, to a fax of a doodle on a bar napkin. All we really need is a relatively clear image with the colour separations. If we are not sure we understand what the image is we will call or provide an art proof for you to verify the image with us. We have a state of the art Art Department that will be able to handle what you need us to do.

Q2: What computer generated image formats can you read?

Answer: We can read all of the following formats: tif, gif, pcx, jpg, cdr, cpt, ai, eps, pdf, wmf, pct or pict, bmp. These are the most common formats, but if you have a format not listed here send it anyway we are pretty good at this. Our favorite is the jpg format. It is generic and can be saved/exported by just about every piece of software available. If you can't send a jpg and are sending a graphic with the font active, please change the text to curves. Otherwise if our system does not have the font (we don't own every one of them out there) it will substitute a closest match. We can fix this, but it is much easier with the text as curves.

Q3: Can you print in colour?                

Answer: Absolutely, we want to be able to see your art in all of its natural beauty. If you have a lot of dark on dark colours, please make sure you give us enough information to tell where the colour breaks are. Sometimes a dark blue image on a black background is hard to see, even if it is printed in colour.

Q4: What is the best way to send an art design to you?

Answer: That's easy, how would you like to send it? You can fax it to us toll free skype, courier it to us, mail it to us, email it to us, or register for a Sun Spot and simply save the design to your own secure online site. What ever is the easiest for you suits us just fine.

Q5: What is a Sun Spot?

Answer: A Sun Spot is the fastest and easiest way to send an art design, request a quote, send an order, and receive your completed designs. It is secured with a username and a password for complete confidentiality. In your Sun Spot is an online order form containing all your current information. You will only have to enter your company name, address, phone numbers, email address, design format preference, etc. once. All you need to do is fill in the information for the current order. There is a Spot to save your art design, and a Spot to download your completed digitized design. You will find this extremely fast. Even faster than email.

Q6: Do I need a Sun Spot to request estimates or send an order?

Answer: No, you will still be able to use our efficient online order form. All you will need to do is fill out the online form. You can still upload the design to a secure site or email it if you want. Everyone is welcome.

Q7: How can I contact you directly?

Answer: Just follow the link.

Q8: Do you sell stock designs?

Answer: Yes, we carry Great Notions stock designs. Follow this link to see what there is to offer in affordable stock designs.

Q9: Where can I get manual forms if I want to fax an order or estimate in?

Answer: Follow this link and you will find our order form in pdf format.

NOTE: Viewing and printing this form requires that you have the free Adobe Acrobat Reader installed. This software is likely already on your computer, but if it is not, it may be downloaded here.

Q10: Do you provide estimates?

Answer: Our order department will provide a FREE cost estimate within 20 minutes of receipt of the design.

Q11: Do I need to submit professional artwork?

Answer: All designs are prepared by our art department prior to digitizing. This service is FREE.

Q12: How do you ensure quality?

Answer: We sew and inspect each digitized design to ensure the design is sharp and clean. This sample can be provided FREE of charge.

Q13: How will I receive my completed design?

Answer: Designs are shipped via overnight courier, modem, E-mail, FTP, Bulletin Board Service, or on your own Sun Spot.

Q14: What types of payment do you accept?

Answer: Choose VISA, Mastercard, C.O.D., or on term (OAC). Click here for a credit application in pdf format.

NOTE: Viewing and printing this credit application requires that you have the free Adobe Acrobat Reader installed. This software is likely already on your computer, but if it is not, it may be downloaded here.

Q15: Where do I download a file to?

Answer: The best way to handle downloading files is to create a directory specifically for designs. Call it something you will remember and identify easily, like "sew files". If you are unfamiliar with your system put it on the root directory (c:\), this way you will not have to go to a subdirectory to find it if you forget. If you are familiar with your system make a new folder on the desktop of your Windows and call it "sew files". The important thing is make it easy, so you can find it with other software. If this seems complicated (and it can be), save the file to a diskette (usually your a: drive). Make sure to label the diskette so you don't lose that either.

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